We specialize in the design of ultrasonic transducer chips, as well as the development of software and hardware for biological identification and image processing. The company is composed of operations and marketing experts with sophisticated skills in R&D, technologies, and the consumer product market. Based on the market demand and the perspective view, as well as the principles of miniaturization, energy conservation, exquisite and sensitive functions, and convenient use, we are engaging in developing value-added applications for distance sensing, hand-sign identification, biological identification, and medical electronic core technologies. In the meantime, we also invested in the development of chips, transducers, application software/hardware, and modules, as well as the planning, design, production, and sales of the correlated series of products.

  Over the past years, efforts have been put into improving our software/hardware applications and fabrication technologies. In addition, we have upgraded our fingerprint identification technology to the 3rd Generation technical level as represented by ultrasonic fingerprint sensing chips. Currently, they already the most advanced and most sophisticated technology in the industry. By scanning the live body, they can eliminate false fingerprints effectively without the need for touching the surface of the finger. Further, this has also been granted invention and utility model patents certified by major countries.