In March 2017, J-Metrics (Shenzhen) launched its frontier program for developing an AIN Piezoelectric Micro Ultrasonic Transducer. Through continuous efforts, we have submitted 11 invention application cases hoping to secure patents from China, Taiwan, and America for fabrication and packaging workmanship, and we have secured two invention patents from Taiwan. Besides, our R&D results have also been announced at international conferences several times.

The R&D result announced in the international conference.

Distance Sensing

In touch-free ultrasonic distance sensing, the TOF Theory is utilized to accurately calculate the distance from the sensed object. It will not be affected by the intensity of light and is immune to electromagnetic interference while resisting against corrosive liquid such as strong bases. With a shorter response time, it is also easier for carrying out hysteresis-free real-time measuring that can be effectively used in robotic arms, evading obstacles with drones, sweeping robots and liquid level sensing, etc.

Hand Sign Identification

Because a dialogue mode using a touch screen and push keys cannot satisfy the increased demands required by customers, ultrasonic hand sign identification can provide a wireless sensing type of operation method outside the equipment screen. In this way, it provides a deeper level of physical experience for customers. Besides, it can also be applied to smart handsets, wristwatches, smart electronic home appliances, home robots, wearable devices, and child teaching tools, etc. Therefore, it provides a smart-based and natural dialogue mode between people and machines.

Fingerprint Identification

When compared to fingerprint technology using a capacitive touch screen, an ultrasonic fingerprint identification provides higher identification performance, suitability, and integration. Not only this, it can perform the scanning by penetrating a housing made of glass, aluminum, stainless steel, sapphire, or plastics. Because it will not be contaminated by the dirt that may remain on the user’s finger such as sweat, etc, it can provide fingerprint certification in more stabilized and more accurate manner.

Model No.

Each individual Sensor cell

Model No. Detecting Distance(cm) Packaging Dimensions(mm)
JMS601A 1-10 5*5*1.05
JMS602A 2-50 5*5*1.05
JMS603A 3-100 5*5*1.05
JMS 系列產品圖
Model No. Detecting Distance(cm) Packaging Dimensions(mm)
JMT6058 2-50 8*8*1.85
JMT 系列產品圖

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